Benjamin A. Lindh Medin
artist, teacher, healing practitioner


Hi! My name is Benjamin. I am someone who's been in many fields during my life, connecting everything I do within an ongoing path between holistic, artistic and spiritual integration. My main practices involve dance, improvisation, energy awareness and sensitivity of touch.

In these fields I can support you to explore your own inner universe, connection and sensation of freedom.



"I am grateful for and moved by Benji’s thoughtful, healing work. He offers a grounding yet expansive, deepening yet lightening, experience of awakening through his Listening Bodies practices. Working with Benji has allowed me to connect to a part of myself that can more easily access my intuitive urges, and helps me connect to a state of flow".

- Chelsie Green, NYC, USA

"Working with Benjamin feels like bringing together my inner and outer voices. An invitation to be part of a research and doing my own research. Playful, deep, opening. There is no form. There are a lot of forms. And a lot of joy".
- Beatrice Schumacher Basel

"Benjamin takes you on a journey through different practices and layers. Curiosity and a connection to the group and his surroundings, makes the whole thing a holistic mind- and heart opening experience. My body feels different for many days after. Fluid, less tense, aware and calm. Uplifted somehow".

- Fritz Roesli, Basel

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