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"Cultivating sensitivity and ways to wholeness"...

Hi! My name is Benjamin. I am someone who's been in many fields of work during my life, connecting everything I do within an ongoing path between holistic, artistic and spiritual integration. My main practices involve dance, improvisation, energy awareness and sensitivity of touch.

In these fields I can support you to explore your own inner universe, connection and sensation of freedom.

What I mainly support with is ​​

  • Get to know your body better 

  • Creativity guidance

  • Finding connection between body/mind/spirit

  • Exploring self expression 

  • Emotional balancing

  • Pain regulation

  • Stress management 

  • Holistic consulation body/diet/lifestyle

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"Benjamin is bringing deep down rooted bodywisdom together with the knowledge of ancient universal principles. Sensitive, heart opening and to the point at the same time. His wisdom, humor & sense for Community are unique! A soul with ancient wisdom channeling it for modern times. 

Luzia Mara Schucan, Basel

"Working with Benjamin feels like bringing together my inner and outer voices. An invitation to be part of a research and doing my own research. Playful, deep, opening. There is no form. There are a lot of forms. And a lot of joy".
Beatrice Schumacher, 

"Benjamin takes you on a journey through different practices and layers. Curiosity and a connection to the group and his surroundings, makes the whole thing a holistic mind- and heart opening experience. My body feels different for many days after. Fluid, less tense, aware and calm. Uplifted somehow".

Fritz Roesli, Basel

"Through the space that was facilitated I was able to drop into layers of being and sensing that felt somehow new and left me curious to explore my experience form yet another angle. There was a beautiful and important balance of holding and exploring that aided the individual process to unfold yet also encouraged to come in contact with each other in a soft, playful and integrated way. You can tell Benjamin depth of practice and inquiry in the transmissions he generously shared with us throughout the process."

Yamina Lyara, UK 

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