Born in Sweden (1989) based in Basel, Switzerland, I grew up in between a world of Dance, Theater and Music, to Yoga, Spirituality and Healing since a very young age. I've had a chance to travel a lot through work as a performer and teacher, as well as growing up living in London, India and Hong Kong for extended periods of time.

I work as a freelance dancer and body work therapist, as well as other fields of work like, singing, theatre as well as energy healing. I try to integrate any fields of practice which relate to deeper awareness of our sensitivity mainly with touch and perception either through teaching, treatments or artistic work.

Nowadays my main practice is based on Qi Gong and intuitive movement.

Studies include: 

  • Contemporary dance 

  • Qi Gong (energy work)

  • Tai Chi Chuan

  • Improvisation/Composition

  • Advanced studies in Thai Yoga Massage

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

  • Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga

  • Play-Fight / Formless Arts

  • Voice / Singing

Vision for art an Healing

Although I believe everyone knows that there’s a connection between the world of art and healing, I don’t believe it’s always conscious. Art’s original means may be to reflect our society and universe, which supports our healing process of digesting the world we live in and the experiences we go through. This essentially then can become a spiritual experience because we connect deeper to ourselves. 

My wish is always to look for a balance between holistic and artistic integration. This meaning, that I strive to live artistically, in artistic expression with a holistic view.

I wish to promote a life for myself and others where, whether I work as an artist or not, artistic expression is and can always be a part of our lives, to feel more whole. I believe art can be a tool to heal wholly through the expression and action we do. If we perform an action with full presence, whether it’s cooking, making laundry, having a conversation or simply taking a walk, it can be healing for our being.


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