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Sa., 15. Juni



Journey of Inner Dance - Rediscovering Ancestral Wisdom - Kaltbrunnental

Stepping into this valley is like journeying back in time. Join us for an exploration where we walk, meditate, breathe, and merge with the forest. Through Qi Gong, inner dance, and intuitive practices, discover your own wisdom and reconnect with nature within.

 Journey of Inner Dance - Rediscovering Ancestral Wisdom - Kaltbrunnental
 Journey of Inner Dance - Rediscovering Ancestral Wisdom - Kaltbrunnental

Time & Location

15. Juni 2024, 09:30 – 18:00

Himmelried, Kaltbrunnental, 4204 Himmelried, Switzerland

About the event

Step into ancient lands. 

A journey back in time awaits you in this valley, where the echoes of ancient caves and the mysteries of waterfalls engages us to reconnect with nature and our inner essence.

We'll start with Qi Gong, an ancient practice rooted in the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Through gentle movements and mindful breath, we'll awaken our energy centers and harmonize with the rhythms of the universe.

Next, we’ll surrender to the flow of spontaneous movement, allowing our bodies to express the wisdom held within. Whether it’s called Kundalini awakening or inner dance, this practice invites us to listen deeply and move with authenticity.

As we wander through the forest, we’ll merge with its essence, becoming one with the rustle of leaves and the murmuring of streams. Standing in stillness, we'll observe the world around us and witness the subtle shifts within.

"Benjamin takes you on a journey through different practices and layers. Curiosity and a connection to the group and his surroundings make the whole thing a holistic mind- and heart-opening experience. My body feels different for many days after. Fluid, less tense, aware, and calm. Uplifted somehow." - Fritz Roesli, Basel

An Invitation to You:

I'm thrilled to facilitate this workshop once again, not as merely a teacher, but as a fellow explorer. I believe everyone holds their inner wisdom and truth. As ancient traditions say, the only reality that exists is the one you experience.

Bringing years of experience in Qi Gong and other spiritual practices, I invite you to discover what nature itself wants to teach us. Let this valley be our sanctuary, a space where we can pause, breathe, and remember our innate connection to all things.

Meeting Point: 

Grellingen Station 

9:30 am


  • journey of inner dance

    The listening body workshop in kaltbrunnental.

    From CHF 90.00 to CHF 165.00
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