With experience from everything between commercial music videos to somatic participatory art, I find myself identifying with many styles and approaches of artistic processes. I have worked both within dance, music and contemporary art as a performer.

My work as a dancer is mainly within contemporary dance and physical theater.

I love fluidity of motion and playful creativity, and in my practice i'm currently exploring intuitive wisdom practices integrating energy awareness in my work as a performer and teacher. I'm also getting more and more into music.

I fascilitate and collaborate with people hosting workshops and events in Contact Improvisation, Movement Meditations, Instant Composition and Improvisation.


Since the last three years, I have worked in and out of Switzerland with own and other creations including Tabea Martin and Cie. Beweggrund


Together with dancer and choreographer Rebecca Weingartner, we have the company Lindh & Weingartner.

Company Lindh & Weingartner

Lindh & Weingartner is a dance company based in Basel, Switzerland, founded by Rebecca Weingartner and me in 2018. With both having a rather diverse background, involving contemporary dance, hip-hop, music, and physical theatre, we've worked together developing a playful, theatrical and dynamic style to dance and performance. The aim of the company is to reflect upon current sociopolitical topics and transform them into a performative context both for young audience as for adults.

So far, we have performed at Performa Festival, Young Dance Zug 2019, Oslo Empower Festival 2020 and Beweggrund Festival 2021. Since we started creating together, we developed our first full length piece "Equality!" which premiered September 2020 at ROXY Birsfelden. Please see our website for more information.




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