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The Listening Body

A practice that focuses on the sensorial perceptive ability of the body, and uses energy awareness to foster connection with the natural elements in the self, others, and our surroundings, essentially freeing the expression of how we exist from within.

The Listening Body

This practice is about going deep into your core expression. Finding out who we really are, starting with the essence and going outwards. What if we could live fully free from societal constraints, expressing ourselves spontaneously and authentically?

Everything we see in the world has an expression. The challenge lies in tuning into our own unique voice that we often hold back, conforming to perceived norms to fit in, making it hard for many of to tune into our own expression.

As we know, nature is always changing, and so are we. So instead of trying to stop this process, the question we should be asking is "How can we go along with the experience and understand how certain behaviors can create blockages, which keep us from living life to the fullest.


The Listening Body journey begins with holistic movement practices like Qi Gong, unlocking energetic channels for the body to express its needs. Through breath, sound, dance, meditations, and creative expressions, we expand our perception of the inner body and its connection to the outer world.

Relational awareness is vital in this practice. Through Contact improvisation, somatic principles, healing touch, body therapy, and influences from tantric and martial arts, we explore ways of connection. Moving together, confronting, mirroring, or exchanging treatments all become avenues to understand ourselves in relation to others and our responsive patterns.

Everything is approached through the body. Through these methods, we delve into the manifested patterns and habitual behaviors in relation to our body, mind, and emotions, translating these insights into our ways of being in the world.

Everything is essentially approached through the body. Through all these methods, we explore what is manifested through patterns and habitual behaviors in relationship to our body, mind and emotions, to see how that can translate into our ways of being in the world.  



Through this practice, we can achieve harmony with the ever-changing nature of ourselves and the world around us. In essence, "The Listening Body" is a collective exploration—a world of self-discovery, authenticity unveiling our true expression in every changing moment.

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The principles I apply stem from my endeavor to seamlessly integrate energy awareness with movement practices, providing a pathway to connect with the entirety of our body, mind, and spirit.

Through cultivating body awareness, we discover the art of grounding ourselves in the physical realm while exploring our creative physical potential. By incorporating energy work, such as Qi Gong and meditation, we unite our physical and energetic bodies, fostering deeper wisdom, love, vitality, and imagination.

Some key principles include:

  • Gravity: Delving into the significance of gravity, we recognize its impact from the moment of birth, where the transition from a buoyant state in the womb to facing gravity can be seen as our initial encounter with trauma. By understanding and relearning our relationship with the ground, we aim to live with greater ease and release from the fear of falling.

  • Flow State: Together, we explore attaining a flow state of body, mind, and spirit, where life unfolds effortlessly. Embracing the present moment and aligning ourselves with our feelings and desires without resistance becomes the essence of this practice, revealing how our minds and bodies can harmonize.

  • Energy: In the realm of Chinese philosophy, Qi encompasses more than just air or vital life force; it represents the binding force of the universe. Practicing Qi Gong involves becoming aware of our own energy, fostering balance to feel connected to our bodies as part of the larger cosmos. Engaging with others in this practice emphasizes not only personal nourishment but also awareness of our connection to the external world.

A practice can be like a soft breeze or a wild wind 

it depends on the state where you are

In the moment

Processing life 

and all its wonders like clearing waters

we renew ourselves every moment

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