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The Listening Body

A practice that focuses on the sensorial perceptive ability of the body, and uses energy awareness to foster connection with the natural elements in the self, others, and our surroundings.

A question that I often ask myself is: how do we relate to our inner and outer natures?

Can we start looking at everything around us as compounds of nature and hence then feel more connected to natural elements inside of us? 

Through this practice, we relate to ourselves and each other as communicating bodies. 

We look at our relationship to the ground, our integrity and the energy we live in and have within us.

What's important to me is to consider how to cultivate our awareness of the energies within and outside of us, starting with using our bodies as an instrument to feel more connected and aware of our surroundings and other people.

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The principles i use are based on my experience in trying to integrate energy awareness with movement practices which gives us a way of relating to our whole system of body, mind spirit. 

Through body awareness, we learn how to stay grounded in the physical world and creative with our physical potential. With energy work of Qi Gong and other meditations we integrate our body with our energetic body to cultivate deeper wisdom, love, vitality and imagination. 

Some principles I use are:

This is valuable for us humans to cultivate deeper awareness of, as the ground is sometimes seen as our first trauma from the moment we’re born. When we are in the belly of our mother, we lay in water floating. As soon as we are born, we have to deal with gravity. Then throughout life we learn to live in gravity, but yet again as soon as we are close to falling, we tend to tense up. And since any impulse of falling may indicate danger of being hurt or perhaps even dying, we tend to resist which actually induces more tensions in the body. What we then practice is how to relearn ways of relating to the ground as a way to live with more ease and release from fear of falling. 

Together we explore how to bring ourselves into a flow state of body, mind and spirit. When we are in a "flow state" life becomes effortless. Sometimes we can feel it as a way of living through life with ease. In a way it's about embracing whatever is, and aligning yourself with how you feel or wish to do, without fighting against it. 

Sometimes we may tend to feel like the mind goes against the body. 

When we practice a way of entering flow state, we learn to align our bodies and emotional centers, so that whatever happens in our lives, it happens without resistance. 

This embodied practice shows us how we relate to energy, and how to listen to and honor the body’s innate wisdom.

In chinese, the word Qi can be translated as Air or Vital life force. But it's more complex than that. Because there are many aspects of Qi, or energy. It is said that Qi is what binds everything in the universe together. It can be seen as everything and nothing at the same time. Every motion, every vibration inside or outside of us is Qi. And if the Qi flows well our bodies and minds are healthy and balanced.

When practicing Qi Gong (energy cultivation) I am playing with becoming aware of my own energy. When my energy is well balanced, I often feel completely connected to my body as part of the universe. In many ways, I could also say, I feel guided by the Qi. 

A way for me to practice Qi Gong is also to relate to others. Because one aspect of Qi Gong is energy cultivation for oneself to be nourished and empowered. The other is to become aware of ones relation to the outside.

If you'd like more info about workshops, classes or private session, please feel free to contact me!

A practice can be like a soft breezeor a wild wind 

it depends on the statewhere you are

In the moment

Processing life 

and all its wonders like clearing waters

we renew ourselves every moment

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