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Qi Gong & Tai Chi

The ancient practices of healing energy arts

It started as a counter practice to Intense Yoga and dance practices. I wanted to explore a fluid, more simple approach to moving the body. I would never expect this to become my main interest. For so long I've had so many interests and diciplines. By discovering the world of QI, it was like coming home. 


You've probably heard the saying that everything is energy. According to the ancient Taoist traditions this something that was well understood and cultivated for thousands of years. The background of this wisdom is said to come from observing nature our bodies relationship to it to cultivate Vitality and Longevity as well as extraordinary powers. It's a philosophy that bases its practice in the elements of nature and our bodies as well as the principle of Yin&Yang. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."
- Nikola Tesla

The practice is often divided between the internal; Wei Dan (Still - Breathing, Meditation, Visualisation) and external; Nei Dan (Moving - physical practices, Concentration).

Qi Gong is both a philosophy and a practice and has 5 schools developed in China divided in Taoist, Martial, Buddhistic, Confucian & Chinese medical Qigong. 



Tai Chi, is often known as the graceful dance that elder people do in parks. It is a beautiful practice with many traditions often taught through sequenced choreographies which can be taught and practiced by almost anyone. The main principle is Yin & Yang, and traditionally this is a self defence practice developed by monks in ancient China. To strengthen the body and remain healthy as a monk it is said that the monk Boddhidharma saw the weak monks in Chinese Monasteries and taught them ways to stay healthy and strong. 

Nowadays Tai Chi is mainly taught as a practice to stay healthy and develop graceful movement qualities, but is still in some cases practiced as a very powerful Martial Art. 


I first encountered Tai Chi in 2013, while living in Taiwan for 3 months. I found an old man who were willing to teach me in private every day. During the time I lived there, i studied with him closely for 2 hours every day. 

He taught me the 37 form by Cheng Man Ching, plus basics of still standing Qi Gong. 

He didn't speak any english, so we would translate words by drawing or using a simple phone translator. In this process I had the chance to learn by doing. It was intense, but gave me an amazing foundation for future explorations. 

For quite some years I would practice alone, and encounter teachers online like Mantak Chia or Ken Cohen. While living and working at Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center I met various monks who taught Qi Gong together with Meditation like Velnerable Dammadipa & Dammarama. At the same time I was doing a lot of martial arts studying closely with principles from Systema and Aikido. 

The last 4 years living in Basel brought me in to more profound focus of the practices of subtle energy awareness. I've met various teachers who has inspired me a lot including Nuno Damaso, Lama Tantrapa and Stephan Laur. 

All whom have very different practices and have given me deeper knowledge in the various fields of Energy arts. 

Since the last 2 years i've studied closely with mainly Stephan Laur and Lama Tantrapa from whom i'm also finishing advanced programs within the arts of Nei Gong and Qi Dao.

Lama Tantrapa:
Stephan Laur:

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